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New viruses are scary and it can be difficult to discern what is truth and what is media hype.
In the health and fitness realm, we are always making the overall wellness of our members a top priority. We want to do our part to not only keep you healthy but also to keep you informed.
As we continue to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we realize the importance of communication as we work to ensure the health and safety of our staff and members. We will be following and implementing suggestions from trusted organizations such as the Department of Health. We can also as a business make decisions that are best for our community.
In all situations, we will seek the input of the experts.
According to the Department of Health, “Currently, the immediate risk to the general public in Ireland is considered to be low.” Although this is good news, we understand that the coronavirus situation is very fluid and circumstances can change. It is for this reason that we maintain a close connection with the Department of Health and will communicate changes quickly and efficiently.


Here are a few easy things we can all do to keep ourselves healthy in general as it is still cold and flu season at the club:

  • WIPE down equipment BEFORE and AFTER you use it. Please use a sanitizing towel. When using a towel spray the sanitizing solution onto the towel not directly onto the equipment as this can be damaging.

  • USE hand sanitizer in between equipment. EXAMPLE If you move from one piece of machinery to another move to another area of the club or pick up a new set of weights.

  • WASH your hands when you enter the club before you leave, before you eat, and of course whenever you use the restroom. It has been proven time and again that hand washing is the most effective way to fight germs. You also want to ensure that you are washing your hands PROPERLY use hot water, plenty of soap, and fully lather and work the soap in and around your fingers for at least 30 seconds.

  • COVER your mouth and nose with the inside of your arm not your hands when you cough or sneeze.

  •  The KEY to being healthy is holistic wellness. Take care of yourself. Stay hydrated. Maintain a balanced diet. Get plenty of sleep. Exercise regularly. Staying well is much more than just avoiding sickness. If you do experience any symptoms of cold, flu, or otherwise, please stay home to prevent the transmission of disease.

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